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by Q.G. de Bakker
Evald Karlsten
Evald Karlsten

En bok tillägnad Victor Hasselblad

I am the camera

Gullers International AB, 1981
ISBN 91-85228-59-1 (Swedish)
ISBN 91-85228-61-3 (English)
ISBN 91-85228-67-2 (German)
21 x 30 cm, 122 pages

Sören Gunnarsson

To mark the occassion of the 100th anniversary of Victor Hasselblad's birthday in 2006, Victor Hasselblad AB published a short biography. This biography is written by Sören Gunnarsson, journalist and editor of Hasselblad's "Forum" magazine. The second part of this book contains a collection of photographs illustrating the life of Victor Hasselblad and the Hasselblad company's history.
The book is available only through Victor Hasselblad AB.

Sören Gunnarsson's also published a full biography of Victor Hasselblad in 2006, entitled "Victor Hasselblad - Mannen bakom kameran" ("Victor Hasselblad - The man behind the camera"). This book is available in a Swedish language edition only.

Sören Gunnarsson

Victor Hasselblad 1906-2006
A short biography

Victor Hasselblad AB, 2006
15 x 15 cm, 184 pages
Sören Gunnarsson

Victor Hasselblad
Mannen bakom kameran

Journal, 2006
ISBN 91-975770-1-4
17 x 23.5 cm, 372 pages
User manuals
Les Barry

The first book ever published in the U.S.A. about the Hasselblad camera. It offers instructions, gives a description of the Hasselblad system available at the time (1959), and contains a discussion of medium format photography.
A second printing was distributed in 1960 and a third printing in 1961. There was also a second edition published 1965 by Universal Photo Books.

Les Barry

Hasselblad Photography
Including a discussion of the 1600F, 1000F, 500C and the superwide

Verlan Books, Inc., 1959
Library of Congress 59-12541
15.5 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages
Les Barry

Hasselblad Photography
Including a discussion of the 1600F, 1000F, 500C and the superwide

Third printing, 1961

W.D. Emanuel / Focal Press' Hasselblad Guides

Publishing house Focal Press published a series of instruction manuals titled "Focal Camera Guides". Part of this series were successive revised editions of the "Hasselblad Guide". The first edition of the "Hasselblad Guide" was published in 1962.

(An online copy of the 3rd edition is published on his site by Mischa Koning.)

W.D. Emanuel

Hasselblad Guide

Focal Press, 1962 -
12 x 16 cm, 72 + 40 pages

(The illustration shows the cover of the 3rd edition,
1969, SBN 240-44966-5)

Heinrich Freytag

"Das Hasselblad Buch", by Heinrich Freytag, was published in 1967. The illustrations in this German language book were taken from Focal Press' Hasselblad Guide, written by Walter Daniel Emanuel, with whom Freytag co-authored a number of other camera books.
The English language edition, "The Hasselblad way", was published in 1968, and at least six revised editions followed.

Heinrich Freytag

Das Hasselblad Buch

Verlag Die Schönen Bücher, 1967
13 x 21.5 cm, 303 pages
Heinrich Freytag

The Hasselblad way

Wheaton, 1968
SBN 240-50649-9
Distributed in the U.S.A. by Amphoto
13.5 x 22 cm, 419 pages

Second edition, 1969, SBN 240-50649-9
Third edition, 1970
Fourth edition, 1972
Fifth edition, 1973

Heinrich Freytag

The Hasselblad way

Wheaton, Sixth edition, 1974,
ISBN 0-240-50896-3
Seventh, revised edition, 1978,
ISBN 0-240-50988-9
Distributed in the U.S.A. by Amphoto
13.5 x 22 cm, 423 pages

William Steinberg / Amphoto Camera Guide

William Steinberg

Hasselblad Guide
A manual of operations and techniques for the Hasselblad system

Amphoto, 1968
Library of Congress 68-16460
11.3 x 18.7 cm

Toni Angermayer

A comprehensive guide to the mid 1970s' Hasselblad system, with the largest portion of the book providing a how-to guide, taking the reader on a tour along the many different fields of photography.

Available in a German language edition only.

Toni Angermayer

Hasselblad Praktikum

Heering-Verlag GmbH, 1975
ISBN 3-7763-3350-2
17 x 22.5 cm, 355 pages

R. Gordon Taylor

"The Hasselblad System" by R. Gordon Taylor was first published as a series of reviews in the "British Journal of Photography" in 1978. It is a short book, which gives a description of the operation of the 500-series Hasselblad cameras (500 C/M, 500 EL/M and SWC), and discusses the lenses and accessories then available for these cameras.

R. Gordon Taylor

The Hasselblad System

Henry Greenwood & Co. Ltd., 1979
ISBN 0-9004-1418-9
Distributed in the U.S.A. by Focal Press
ISBN 0-8038-3057-2
14.5 x 21 cm, 64 pages

Bob Shell / Guido Puttkammer

Photographer and journalist Bob Shell's book "The Hasselblad System" was published as part of "The Hove Systems Pro Guides" series. "The Hasselblad System" contains a rather large number of errors.

The book was also published in a German language edition, "Das Hasselblad System", revised and extended by German photographer and journalist Guido Puttkammer.

Bob Shell

The Hasselblad System

Hove Books, 1991
ISBN 0-906-44777-1
208 pages
Bob Shell / Guido Puttkammer

Das Hasselblad System

Laterna Magica, 1993
ISBN 3-87467-405-3
15 x 21 cm, 256 pages

Dieter Beckhusen, Thomas Maschke and Guido Puttkammer

Dieter Beckhusen, Thomas Maschke and Guido Puttkammer

Das große Handbuch

Laterna Magica, 1996
ISBN 3-87467-674-9
20 x 25.5 cm, 280 pages

Kaeru Nakayama and Takatoshi Sato

Kaeru Nakayama, Takatoshi Sato

Hasseruburaddo (Hasselblad)

Green Arrow Graffitti no. 41
Green Arrow Publishing co., 1998
ISBN 4-7663-3261-X
15 x 21 cm, 158 pages

Hans-Peter Ebel

Like quite a few books in this "User manual" section, Ebels' book "Hasselblad : Das Fotoerlebnis" is, in effect, an enlarged embodiment of the Hasselblad theme booklet concept. It opens with a brief discussion of Hasselblad equipment available at the time of writing, and moves on from there to explain how it can be put to good use in several branches of photography, describing the proces "von der Idee zur Aufnahme" (from concept to exposure) and beyond.

Available in a German language edition only.

Hans-Peter Ebel

Das Fotoerlebnis

Monsenstein & Vannerdat, 2005
ISBN 3-86582-023-9
23 x 23 cm, 254 pages

Ei Publishing

Hasseruburaddo (Hasselblad)

Ei Publishing co., 2009
ISBN13   978-4-7779-1280-3
15 x 21 cm, 203 pages

Ernst Wildi's Hasselblad Manual

The "Hasselblad Manual", written by Ernst Wildi, is, as the subtitle promises, a comprehensive guide to the Hasselblad system, and a truly outstanding user manual, providing instructions how to use just about every bit of equipment Hasselblad ever produced. It first appeared in 1980, but was updated regularly to keep pace with developments of the Hasselblad system.

The current, 7th edition was published in 2008. And though Wildi writes that

"it would be a letdown for all of these long time friends and loyal supporters of Hasselblad to see The Hasselblad Manual that only discusses digital imaging and only the digital cameras that are manufactured today",

the nature of the book demands that a very large part of it is devoted to a discussion of the - predominantly digital - H-system.
V-System users will find more usefull information in the 5th and older editions.

Ernst Wildi

The Hasselblad Manual
A Comprehensive Guide to the System

Focal Press, 1980
ISBN 0-240-51042-9
16 x 23.5 cm, 301 pages
Ernst Wildi

The Hasselblad Manual
Second Edition
A Comprehensive Guide to the System

Focal Press, 1982
ISBN 0-240-51186-7
16 x 23.5 cm, 302 pages
Ernst Wildi

The Hasselblad Manual
Third Edition
A Comprehensive Guide to the System

Focal Press, 1986
ISBN 0-240-51258-8
16 x 23.5 cm, 342 pages
Ernst Wildi

The Hasselblad Manual
Fourth Edition
A Comprehensive Guide to the System

Focal Press, 1992
ISBN 0-240-80132-6
16 x 23.5 cm, 370 pages

The Hasselblad Manual
Fourth Edition, Revised
A Comprehensive Guide to the System

Focal Press, 1996
ISBN 0-240-80251-9
16 x 23.5 cm, 392 pages
Ernst Wildi

The Hasselblad Manual
Fifth Edition

Focal Press, 2000
ISBN 0-240-80385-X
16 x 24 cm, 379 pages
Ernst Wildi

The Hasselblad Manual
Sixth Edition, Revised

Focal Press/Elsevier, 2004
ISBN 0-240-80613-1
17 x 25 cm, 360 pages
Ernst Wildi

The Hasselblad Manual
Seventh Edition

Focal Press, 2008
ISBN13   978-0-240-81026-3
19 x 24 cm, 416 pages

One German language edition of Wildi's "Hasselblad Manual" was published in 1988. It is a translation of the third edition, slightly revised and extended, with some information about the "3"-generation Hasselblad cameras.

Ernst Wildi

Das offizielle Hasselblad Handbuch

Rita Wittig Fachbuchverlag, 1988
ISBN 3-88984-055-8
17 x 23.5 cm, 426 pages
System overview
Udo Afalter

Udo Afalter's book contains a listing of Hasselblad items. And a fair number of errors too.
Only available in a German language edition.

Udo Afalter

Hasselblad Kameras & Objektive

Published by the author, 1993
ISBN 3-920890-18-3
Distributed by Lindemanns Verlag
ISBN 3-89506-102-6
21.5 x 30 cm, 192 pages

Richard Nordin

Richard Nordin's "The early Hasselblad cameras" is the first systematic, historical description of the pre-1957 Hasselblad cameras.

The "Hasselblad System Compendium" is the most complete Hasselblad system overview available.
Apart from providing large amounts of historical information, it lists every item Victor Hasselblad and his company produced, and all there is to know about these items. It also provides an overview of brochures, leaflets, catalogues and every other bit of printed matter Victor Hasselblad AB have published. The Compendium contains a list of Zeiss lens serial numbers and production dates, provides information about camera maintenance, and lots and lots more.
In short - a definite 'must have' for every Hasselblad user, enthusiast and collector.

In june 2011 an updated and revised second edition of the System Compedium is published. Another definite 'must have'!
More info about the second edition on the site of main distributor CameraBooks.

Richard Nordin

The early Hasselblad cameras:
1600F  1000F  Supreme Wide Angle / Super Wide

Historical Camera Publications
ISBN 1-879651-19-0
82 pages
Richard Nordin

Hasselblad System Compendium

Hove Books, 1998
ISBN 1-897802-10-2
19.5 x 26 cm, 288 pages
Richard Nordin

Hasselblad Compendium

Cloak Hill Communication, 2011
ISBN 978-0-9869188-0-3
21.5 x 28 cm, 368 pages
(includes DVD)
Alain Lazzarini

A book written, published and distributed by french collector Alain Lazzarini documenting the use of Hasselblad equipment by NASA during the conquest of the Moon.
The book is written in French and English, and contains chapters about the conquest of the Moon, the Hasselblad company, Hasselblad cameras used by the NASA during Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions, replicas made by Hasselblad for its own advertising, and photographs taken in space and on the Moon showing Hasselblad cameras, astronauts training with Hasselblad cameras and Hasselblad cameras in Museums.

Alain Lazzarini

Hasselblad et la Lune : L'appareil photo le plus célèbre du XXe siecle / Hasselblad and the Moon : The most famous camera of the XXth century.

Published by the author, 2011
ISBN 978-27-4663-163-2
21 x 29 cm, 168 pages

Recommended Reading on the Internet

Forum Forts - Sören Gunnarsson's weblog

A blog about (contemporary) photography, Hasselblad related history, personal observations and other interesting tidbits.
Published by Sören Gunnarsson, among other things journalist, author of articles and publications on photography, editor of Hasselblad's now discontinued international magazine "Forum", editor of "Camera natura", founding member of the Friends of the Hasselblad Center, and author of the biography "Victor Hasselblad : Mannen bakom kameran".

The blog is written predominantly in Swedish.
Even if you would need the help of tools such as Google Translate well worth the read!

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