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The Hasselblad Historical site is dedicated to collecting and publishing information about Victor Hasselblad, the company he founded, and the camera systems (and other things) he produced.

The aim of Hasselblad Historical is to provide a trustworthy and comprehensive, 'one stop' source of information.
The information published by Hasselblad Historical is the result of often many years of collecting, and investigating the story behind the man, the firm and his products.

This is, needless to say, a very tall ambition. There is so much to research and share, and so little time to do it in. Hasselblad Historical should therefore best be considered a work permanently 'in progress'.

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The Hasselblad Historical site should not be seen as a scientific publication, and though every bit of information is provided as to the best of our knowledge, nothing or noone is perfect. Hasselblad Historical can therefore not assume any responsibility for how its content is used, or be held liable for any faults it may contain.
Hasselblad Historical invites everybody to point out errors in the information published here, or provide additional information, and help us achieve our goal.


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The people behind Hasselblad Historical

Hasselblad Historical's international staff are Richard Nordin (Canada), Charles Chernoff (U.S.A.), Jan Lagerlöf (Sweden), Quinten de Bakker (the Netherlands), and Stefan Heymann (Germany).

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